Podcast Announcement

Hello friends!

Today we have released the last episode of Season 2 of Novel Feelings. We have had such a wonderful time putting this season together. We read more books, we talked about tropes, and we had wonderful guests! We are so grateful for the generosity of everyone who came on the podcast this season (and last!). Thank you to everyone who has listened to the episodes, and who has reached out to let us know your thoughts and recommendations. We love hearing from you!

With the end of Season 2 comes a decision for us. Putting together each episode requires a lot of time, from reading to editing to promoting. With both of us working and studying full time, it is not a commitment we can currently keep. So, the podcast is going on a hiatus. At this stage, there will not be a Season 3. We may pop up every now and again in the future with interviews or if there’s a book we’re dying to discuss, so don’t unsubscribe yet!

We’re not going away completely though! We will still have opinions on books and mental health reps, so we are planning to continue posting our reviews on this blog. We will also keep our social media active, so please follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

We may one day come back with a Season 3 if there’s a demand for it! So we’ll never say never and we hope you’ll still stick around. 🙂

Tune in to our Season 2 wrap episode to hear us reflect on our production process, and hiatus decision, in more detail.

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