About Novel Feelings

What’s our deal?

Novel Feelings is a book review podcast and blog, where two psychologists take a deep dive into your favourite fiction novels.

As mental health professionals and book nerds, we understand that a good book holds up a mirror to real life (even when wizards or robots are involved). A good book can also influence the way readers think about themselves and others.

In this podcast and blog, we take a closer look at what some works of fiction do well when portraying mental health on the page, and what can be done better. We explore tropes, recovery arcs, and character growth.

Through this process, we hope to challenge stereotypes and stigmas held against people living with mental health issues. We also aim to include the voices of those with lived experience wherever possible.

Priscilla is an early career psychologist. She works with individuals of all ages at a private practice and in schools. In her free time, she prefers books with Happily Ever Afters, magic, lady detectives, and characters figuring out who they really are, but will also read anything else that catches her interests.

You can follow Priscilla’s bookstagram @pavedwithbookss.

Elise is an early career researcher, psychologist and PhD Candidate. Her PhD involves exploring strategies to reduce stigma against people living with complex mental health issues. Her favourite books usually involve elaborate fantasy and a touch of romance, but she loves contemporary fiction and everything in between.

You can follow Elise on Twitter.


The views and opinions expressed in this podcast and blog are those of the co-hosts and should not be taken as therapeutic advice. If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available through your local health provider. More resources for mental health support in Australia can be found here. You can also visit our Mental Health Resources page.

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