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This month, we welcome a very special guest! We chat to author Wai Chim about her book, The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling. Topics include: writing about mental health issues in Asian families, flawed but well-intentioned characters, introvert representation, and self-care. The first half of the episode is spoiler-free (we let you know when the conversation gets spoiler-y!). Our website: | Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads: @novel_feelings | Find Wai through or @onewpc
  1. Interview with Wai Chim
  2. How to Set (and Smash) Reading Goals
  3. Our Favourite Reads of 2020 & Season 1 Wrap
  4. 1.6 Fight Club – Dissociative Identity Disorder and Insomnia
  5. 1.5 Small Spaces – Trauma, Gaslighting and Bad Therapy
  6. 1.4 The Kiss Quotient – Autism, Anxiety and Romance
  7. 1.3 A Court of Mist and Fury – PTSD in a Fantasy Setting
  8. 1.2 The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling – Family, Culture and Psychosis
  9. 1.1 Turtles All the Way Down – OCD and Anxiety
  10. Intro: What is Novel Feelings? & Meet Priscilla and Elise

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