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Season 2 Wrap & Announcement Novel Feelings: A Mental Health Book Club

Welcome to the last episode of Season 2. We had such a wonderful time putting this season together. In this episode, we reflect on the process of recording the season, and talk about our favourite moments. After this episode, we will be going on a hiatus, and we're not planning on returning for a Season 3 at this stage. We're not going away completely though! We will still have opinions on books and mental health reps, so we are planning to continue posting our reviews on our blog. We will also keep our social media active. So keep us in your feeds and hopefully we can come back for Season 3 one day. Our website:  | Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads: @novel_feelings  
  1. Season 2 Wrap & Announcement
  2. 2.8 A Monster Calls | Anticipatory grief
  3. Interview with Kay Kerr
  4. 2.7 Darius the Great is Not Okay | Depression and connection
  5. 2.6 You Should See Me In a Crown | Anxiety, friendships, and Black joy
  6. 2.5 Picture Us in the Light | Family, identity and survivor guilt
  7. 2.4 A Duke by Default | ADHD
  8. 2.3 Cry Blue Murder | Collective trauma
  9. 2.2. It's Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake – Self-esteem and body image
  10. 2.1 Thirteen Reasons Why | Bullying, depression and suicide

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