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Our favourite reads of 2021 Novel Feelings

Well, 2021 has certainly been a year. We're still on hiatus, but popping up to say 'hey, we read some cool books this year!' In this special bonus episode, we each present our Top 3 books of the year (plus some honourable mentions). This episode is spoiler-free and the books aren't specific to mental health! Website: | Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads: @novel_feelings 
  1. Our favourite reads of 2021
  2. Season 2 Wrap & Announcement
  3. 2.8 A Monster Calls | Anticipatory grief
  4. Interview with Kay Kerr
  5. 2.7 Darius the Great is Not Okay | Depression and connection
  6. 2.6 You Should See Me In a Crown | Anxiety, friendships, and Black joy
  7. 2.5 Picture Us in the Light | Family, identity and survivor guilt
  8. 2.4 A Duke by Default | ADHD
  9. 2.3 Cry Blue Murder | Collective trauma
  10. 2.2. It's Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake – Self-esteem and body image

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