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3.1 I'm Glad My Mom Died | Family trauma and disordered eating Novel Feelings

We're baaaaack! To kick off Season 3, we're covering the very hyped memoir I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy. We discuss Jennette's experience of childhood abuse and eating disorders, complicated grief, and our thoughts on her recovery process. FYI, our episodes are now two-parters: we start with general discussions of the books without spoilers, then we dive into the details.Find Novel Feelings via: Our website Instagram Twitter Goodreads.Join our 2023 Reading Challenge on The Storygraph. Detailed show notes available on our website.
  1. 3.1 I'm Glad My Mom Died | Family trauma and disordered eating
  2. We want YOU to join us in Season 3!
  3. Interview with Nina Kenwood
  4. Interview with Miranda Luby
  5. Interview with Graeme Simsion
  6. Our favourite reads of 2021
  7. Season 2 Wrap & Announcement
  8. 2.8 A Monster Calls | Anticipatory grief
  9. Interview with Kay Kerr
  10. 2.7 Darius the Great is Not Okay | Depression and connection

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