S3E3. Queenie review

There are plenty of dates in this story, but Queenie is not about romance. Queen Jenkins navigates life after a long-term relationship break-up. The premise sounds like a rom-com, but the story visits some dark places along the way. Listen to find out why we think Queenie is well worth a read. Mental health topicsContinue reading “S3E3. Queenie review”

Review: Managing big feelings in Philomella

A were-dragon? A talking tree? Saving a world she didn’t know existed? … Philomella’s having an unusual day. Mystery, humour and sparkling magic combine in this middle-grade fantasy-adventure novel – perfect for fans of The World Between Blinks and The Phantom Tollbooth. When Philomella is drawn into the Impossible Forest – a place where anything can happen and usually does –Continue reading “Review: Managing big feelings in Philomella”

Interview: Elfy Scott on The One Thing We’ve Never Spoken About

If we don’t talk about complex mental health conditions, how can we expect things to change? Journalist, presenter, and producer Elfy Scott joins us to talk about her book The One Thing We’ve Never Spoken About. This powerful piece of non-fiction draws from Elfy’s family’s experience with schizophrenia to ask big questions about vulnerability, justiceContinue reading “Interview: Elfy Scott on The One Thing We’ve Never Spoken About”

Interview: Anne Buist talks Locked Ward

In our latest author interview, we talk with Anne Buist, author and psychiatrist. Anne recently published the fourth novel in the Natalie King Series, Locked Ward. The novel follows forensic psychiatrist Natalie, as she stays in the mother-baby unit of a private psychiatric unit – only to find herself in the centre of a murderContinue reading “Interview: Anne Buist talks Locked Ward”

Interview: Allayne L. Webster talks Selfie

In this special interview, we chat with Allayne L. Webster, who recently published her tenth novel, Selfie. In Selfie, we meet year 8 student Tully, who is shocked to find herself the new best friend of teenage influencer Dene Walker. We chat about teenage friendships, the impact of social media on trust and identity, andContinue reading “Interview: Allayne L. Webster talks Selfie”

S3E2. Tiger Daughter (ft. interview with Rebecca Lim)

Last episode was prompted by Elise’s recommendation. This time, it’s Priscilla’s. Tiger Daughter tells the story of Wen and Henry, and what happens when tragedy strikes their community. We cover themes of domestic abuse, misogyny, and the ripple effect of suicide – all framed by the Chinese immigrant experience in Australia. The first part of this episodeContinue reading “S3E2. Tiger Daughter (ft. interview with Rebecca Lim)”

Interview: Dr Jac den Houting on Autism Advocacy

Everything we know about autism is wrong… or is it? In this special interview, we chat with Dr Jac den Houting, research psychologist and Autistic advocate working in pursuit of social justice. We chat about their autism research, Ted Talk and other advocacy work, and the power of media representation. Show Notes About the authorContinue reading “Interview: Dr Jac den Houting on Autism Advocacy”

S3E1. I’m Glad My Mom Died

We’re baaaaack! To kick off Season 3, we’re covering the very hyped memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy. We discuss Jennette’s experience of childhood abuse and eating disorders, complicated grief, and our thoughts on her recovery process. FYI, our episodes are now two-parters: we start with general discussions without spoilers, then weContinue reading “S3E1. I’m Glad My Mom Died”

Announcement: Season 3 is coming – and you can get involved!

We are thrilled to announce that a new season of the Novel Feelings podcast will launch on January 7, 2023. We’re mixing things up for Season 3. Listeners will have the opportunity to read along, with each book title released at least 6 weeks in advance. Six books are planned for the year – one episodeContinue reading “Announcement: Season 3 is coming – and you can get involved!”

Interview: Nina Kenwood on Unnecessary Drama

We are very excited to chat with the wonderful Nina Kenwood about her latest novel, Unnecessary Drama. Nina’s debut novel, It Sounded Better in My Head, has been shortlisted for multiple awards and has been published in six languages. (It is also one of Priscilla’s favourite YA novels.) Our conversation covers topics like high-functioning anxiety,Continue reading “Interview: Nina Kenwood on Unnecessary Drama”