Mental Health Resources

“It’s never overreacting to ask for what you want and need.”

Amy Poehler

I want more information about mental health issues.

If you are in Australia, factsheets and guides are available from SANE, BeyondBlue, and headspace.

For information about topics covered in a particular episode, check out the show notes that accompany the episode.

I want to get mental health support for myself or someone else.

In Australia, if you are thinking of seeing a psychologist and you have a Medicare card, you are likely eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan. HealthDirect and Reachout provide information about Mental Health Care Plans.

Black Dog Institute Australia provides information about helping someone else with mental health issues.

Mental Health First Aid Australia offers courses that teach people the skills to help someone struggling with mental health issues.

I want to learn how best to write about mental health.

Mindframe Guidelines – How to discuss mental health and suicide safely in the media.

Writers Digest – Strategies and tips to avoid stereotypes and caricatures when writing characters with mental health issues.

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